Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia Surgery (Male Breast Reduction)

Male Breast Reduction with the help of Surgery

There are many reasons for the enlargement of breast in men. But most commonly this enlargement occurs due to unbalancing of the two hormones, estrogen and the testosterone. This occurs mostly during the puberty. Other reasons might include the drugs, hereditary conditions or some types of diseases which results in such enlargement. In some of the cases, the male breast reduction can be done by taking special diet and doing proper exercises. But mostly such reduction cannot be occurred by doing these exercises. That is why in such cases, one have to take male gynecomastia treatment for the size reductions of his boobs.

The enlarged breast is mainly treated by surgery or liposuction or sometimes both of them are combined for the treatment of the breast. There are basically two stages in the surgery. In the first stage, the doctor will re-align the chest to make them equally balanced. In the second stage, they will check that whether there is some sort of diseased tissue present or not. The reason is that usually this diseased tissue leads to the breast cancer that is why it should be removed.

The first thing in male breast reduction through surgery is to consult an experienced plastic surgeon. If he/she thinks that you are the right person for the surgery, only then you will be allowed to be operated. People having severe pain in their chest might be their top priority in the list of treating their patients. But if you are overweighed or gained a lot of fats, than you will not be allowed to take benefit from this male gynecomastia treatment. Instead the doctor will gave you the advice to lose chest fat by taking some special diet and doing exercises. But after trying to lose chest fats, the breast problem still remains than you can be benefited from the treatment.

If you are the right person for the treatment, then that treatment will be scheduled by your surgeon. But before the surgery, your surgeon might ask to do different kinds of test which might include blood tests etc. and secondly they will definitely ask you to stop taking any more drugs before the treatment. The treatment will be started by giving the patient an anesthesia, which might be general or the local depending upon the choice of the patient. Now if some sort of excessive tissue is the main problem for this enlargement, than this tissue is removed by using the scalpel.

If the surgeon uses the process of liposuction for the removal of excessive fats, then at first he will have to make an incision on certain part of a body which is usually the underarm area. Then a very slim and transparent tube is inserted through this incision. This is used to suck all the fats out of the chest by means of a vacuum pump, attached to its outer portion. At the end their might be some risks in both the surgical and the liposuction processes. That is why this process of breast reduction is used only in extreme cases.

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